Hi and welcome to the Hanabi Exchange.This is a banner rotation for all kind of site. Please enjoy the site and take a look around.





January 31, 2015 Hello my friends, I'm here, and once again, I want to apologize for the lack of update in the site. I've reseted the count of click as every year, and now it's time to clean the list, so, I'll check the sites one by one and the sites with broken links will be deleted.


Current Members: 250


September 07, 2013 Hi!, aftermonths and months of abandonment, I'm here to implement some changes and to clean up the member list, because there are many sites down and will be removed. So, every site I found with 0 banners displayed in the rotation or the button's image broken will be removed.


Finally, I've added The Akuma Exchange as my new affiliate.


March 09, 2012 I've added a new affiliate Ribboned.


December 22, 2011 Sorry for the lack of updates, but I had many things to do all over the year, but I'm here (finally) and I'm glad to introduce you my new affiliate Silencia Rotation.


March 09, 2011 New members has been added and a new affiliate.


March 04, 2011 I have added a new affiliate.


October 04, 2010 I have added a new affiliate.


July 16, 2010 I have added a new affiliate, please check the affiliates page.


July 03, 2010 Hi everyone, I'm here with a new brand layout, thanks to Cochito again. I've added to all the new members, also I'll been cleaning the data base to remove the broken links.


November 06, 2008 I'll start to clean up the members list, All the users with broken links in the link buttons (red x in buttons) and wrong url will be deleted, so if you are in this situation, make the changes you need before November 10th after that date I'll remove the sites with problems.